How to Make Hard Kombucha & Hard Seltzer

The experts at Manannova are back! Get ready to learn everything you need to professionally produce hard kombucha, hard seltzer and everything in between.

  • Theoretical & Practical Learning

  • 30+ Prerecorded Videos

  • Regular Live Interactive Webinars

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    1. Documents

    2. Discussion Forum

    1. Introduction to the course (2')

    1. 01 Introduction to Hard Kombucha (15')

    2. 02 Types of Hard Kombucha (6')

    3. 03 The Science of Hard Kombucha (41')

    4. 04 Quality Assurance (8')

    5. 05 Flavouring (20')

    6. 06 Blending (12')

    7. 07 Equipment (27')

    8. 08 Legislation (6')

    1. 01 How to use the hydrometer, refractometer and pH-meter (8')

    2. 02 Alcohol-measuring devices overview: Rare Combinations & CDR KombuchaLab (3')

    3. 03 Cleaning and PPE (4')

    1. 01 Ingredients overview - Part 1 (10')

    2. 02 Ingredients overview - Part 2 (14')

    3. 03 Tools overview (8')

    1. 01 Today's ingredients (2')

    2. 02 Mix in nutrients and yeast (8')

    3. 03 Monitor fermentation with specific gravity (16')

    4. 04 Harvest, sweeten and flavour (10')

About this course

  • $995.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content


  • ​What is the Hard Kombucha Masterclass?

    The Hard Kombucha Masterclass is an online program that combines in-depth theory and practical videos, live Q&A webinars and material downloads to start and scale up a successful kombucha business. Our program is designed as an all-in-one resource containing trialled and tested practices that, when applied, can help a brewer ​increase the quality of their hard kombucha and profits.

  • ​Who is this course for?

    Beginning and professional kombucha producers; established kombucha brewers that want to level up; kombucha brewers that want to train their team with best practices; serious small-scale kombucha brewers who want to improve efficiency and brew on a larger scale; “dreamers” who aspire to one day launch their kombucha brand.

  • ​On what device can I access this content?

    ​After creating a user profile, you will be able to access the course platform on any device connected to the Internet. Watch on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, at work or at home! Note that you can only access the course platform from one device at a time.

  • ​Will I be able to ask questions during the course?

    Sebastien does monthly live Q&A sessions where you’ll be able to ask him all of your questions.

  • Will I need to buy expensive equipment to apply my learning?

    No. Although the class uses commercial equipment to demonstrate concepts, they can be applied to home scale equipment. In the equipment section we go through various sizes of equipment, from kitchen scale to larger scale so that you can grow organically.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We are committed to providing you with high-quality educational content detailing Mannanova’s brewing methods. Our refund policy exists so that you can trust that we will do all we can to deliver on our promises. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know within 2 weeks. If you sincerely engage with the course and don’t get the value or feel your learning style doesn’t match how we teach, we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us.